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Big Bamboo is your Loblolly Bay Vacation Spot

Aubrey and Diane Levons have a vision to create a resort that offers peace of mind and tranquility on the beautiful North Shores of Anegada. The addition of four beachside cottages this year at their Loblolly Bay location is a significant milestone in realizing this dream. The restaurant, beachbar and diveshop have long been favorites for visitors to Anegada and it is hoped that The Big Bamboo Cottages will add a welcome dimension to the escapism and serenity Loblolly Bay provides.

Another great attraction of Anegada is the Horse Shoe Reef. The Horse Shoe Reef is the fourth largest barrier reef in the world and has been known to have many ship wrecks which at present serve as diving attractions. The reef makes navigation to Anegada difficult. While charter boats freely sail among most of the other Virgin Islands, charter companies often forbid clients to sail to Anegada until they are familiar or have a captain onboard who can offer expert navigational expertise. Please note, in order to protect the reef, the relevant Government authorities restricts persons from anchoring on the reef.

Historical Highlights

Aubrey Levons, a member of the Vibration Band assumed management of the Vibration Groove center, an entertainment club in Virgin Gorda that was until then owned by the band.
The Vibration Groove Center was renamed "The Big Bamboo", largely due to Aubrey's fascination with a Mighty Sparrow song of the same name.
Aubrey and Diana marry. Both of them share a passion for developing the Anegada tourism product.
Aubrey and Diana clear the peice of property that would become the present day site of Big Bamboo. They also started a day trip to Anegada called Discover Anegada, targeting prominent businesses on Virgin Gorda such as Guava Berry Spring Bay, Lord Nelson Inn, Old Yard Inn and Little Dix Bay.
Having decided to move their business to Anegada Aubrey and Diana erect the first structure for The Big Bamboo at Loblolly Bay.
The beachbar and other facilities are added to The Big Bamboo.
Further remodeling sees a gift shop, dive shop and showers added to the The Big Bamboo Loblolly Bay location.
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